Where to Play the Best bunker Rakes

The bunker is one of the hardest hazards to master in eighteen hundred and fifty-six holes of sand. There are two types of bunker rakes that are used in the Professional and Amateur divisions of the World Golf Association (WGA). The new bunker rake by Standard Golf is the largest of its type. The “Chief” is a two-sided bunker rake perfect for both the Aussie and European style of golf. It provides exceptional results with its dual action knuckles, which allows for precise control and powerful strikes on the sweet spot of the cup. It is made of the best steel on the market, and it has a tapered, narrow beveled edge for maximum cutting force and distance.

bunker rake attachments

The “Cobra” by Tour Golf is another two-sided bunker rake that can be used on either the professional or the new golf courses. The” Cobra” is identical to the” Chiefs” in size, but it has a shorter beveled edge for a more efficient cut. This rake is also perfect for hitting hazards on the home course, or on any private golf course where you would like to practice your driving and putting skills. The “Cobra” is made by Tour Golf, a company that prides itself on providing value to its consumers.

Each of the two rakes above is great for both the professional and the amateur golfer. They are a great addition to any golf course, whether you play on the professional or the new golf course. When you are looking for good equipment for your next round, you may want to consider adding one or two of these handy tools. With so many different options available, you will be sure to find exactly what you need to improve your game. You can choose the color that fits your style best, or you can simply buy a club that will help you increase your game by hitting the ball further. Either way, you will be glad you purchased a bunker rake for your home course or even your vacation spot.