John Deere Timberwolf Swing Machines

The Forest Corporation has been manufacturing and selling swing and other industrial equipment for over one hundred years. They are a leader in the industry and are constantly improving products and processes to offer you the best. The latest additions include changes to the drive and boom, shaft, blade, and side skirt guards. Also, the wider underdeck section available on both the 495G and 476G swing machines is already available on both the 4 Levy and 4 Stall models, raising production. The new swing machine control options also include optional slide out control keys for both left and right side operation and new options for preload and release.

The newest addition to the range of forestry swing machines is the Timberwolf XLS-series, offering high purity cutting for both softwood and hardwoods, along with improved stability for greater reliability and greater strength and wear resistance. It incorporates a patented overload protection control and is equipped with a hydraulically operated cutting head. It is also equipped with a new vibration resistant cutting disc and is designed for high speed and heavy duty use. All models in the series have been through an extensive redesign, including the cast iron drive train and shaft to increase strength and consistency, as well as providing a wider and stronger overall weight.

forestry swing machines

The company still manufactures a range of older models of swing cutters that are still very popular with many consumers. The popular XLS series is the most popular type of timberwolf swing machine, but they do produce some very useful specialist machines as well, such as the XLS-series which is ideal for processing softwoods, soft mud, limestone, and sandstone, or the award winning XL-series which is used in professional millwork, landscaping and tree removal applications. So, whether you’re looking for a small single stage machine to get your job done quickly and efficiently, or a high powered full-size machine that can do it all, John Deere forestry swing machines are a very good choice. You can purchase them direct from the company’s web sites, or you can buy these machines from many suppliers on the internet.