Why Gold Is Worth the Premium Price That Many People Pay

Gold is the chemical element with the symbol Au and atomic number 79. It is one of the higher-numbered elements naturally occurring in the world. It is a bright orange-yellow metal that is soft, malleable, ductile, and dense. It belongs to the group of elements called transition metals. Its physical properties are similar to those of other group 11 elements. Despite the fact that it is yellow, gold is more dense than most other elements.


The concentration of gold in the earth’s oceans varies. The concentration of gold in the oceans ranges from ten to fifty parts per quadrillion. It is estimated that up to 15,000 tonnes of the precious metal are present in the ocean. This amount is significant given that it is a highly corrosive metal. But this does not mean that gold is completely harmless to living systems. It can be dissolved in glass or plastic and act as a great heat shield.

Gold is found in many oceans. China, for example, is the world’s largest producer, producing 440 tonnes of gold each year. There is a total of 201,296 tonnes of gold above the ground, equivalent to seventy-one cubic feet. As a result, much of the gold that is mined is used for decoration and in award statues. Several award statues are made of the precious metal, including the Oscars, the Golden Globes, the Emmy Awards, and the British Academy Film Awards.

The most important reason why gold is worth the premium price that many people pay for it is because of its high refraction of electromagnetic radiation. As a result, it is used in thermal suits, astronauts’ helmets, and protective infrared faceplates. In addition, it is used as a reflective layer on some high-end CDs. In contrast, gold has no economic use in the oceans – it is found in sea water. The concentration of gold in sea water is a fraction of what is produced in the world. The world’s production of gold is around 2500 tons a year, and its reserves are about ten thousand tonnes.

In addition to its symbolic value, gold also has practical uses. It is used in restorative dentistry, where it allows for more precise molar mating surfaces. It is also used for decorative purposes. Some cultures prefer gold crowns for prominent teeth, but others find them unattractive. Further, it is said that a gold tooth can be a gift for the sex of the wearer. And if you are celebrating your fiftieth wedding anniversary, it is a good idea to buy a gold-silver wedding anniversary.

While physical gold is more secure and safe, exchange-traded funds can help you own gold without the costs and hassles of buying and selling it yourself. There are some disadvantages, though. Although ETFs can be a good option for some investors, they are not always suitable for beginners. They can be risky, and can be difficult to manage in large quantities. Therefore, investing in these ETFs is not for everyone. There are several advantages of this type of investment.