Which VIP Life Was Saved By Bodyguard?

There have been many theories about how Private investigator’s find the information they use to write books and such, but now a new theory has been brought up about which VIP life was saved by Bodyguard too. The story goes that when Private Investigator Anthony gestored to the back of the car carrying the mistress of a King, she suddenly got excited and shouted out that her life depended on this one man. To make matters worse, he then pointed at the back seat and explained that there would be no chance for her to come out and see her husband if he didn’t get there first. But first, he had to get to the airport, which was miles away. That is where the Bodyguard swooped in and retrieved the mistress before the chauffeur could get to the airport.

Now all this is supposition, unless you can prove that it actually happened. But if you do bring up this question with a Bodyguard, they will most likely tell you that it didn’t happen that way. Why? Well they are not required to confirm or deny anything that happens in their presence, or in any other situation for that matter. All they are obliged to do is to carry out their duty as a bodyguard by keeping the women safe and ensure that the chauffeur does his job as ordered.

So which VIP life was saved by a bodyguard in this story? It was probably a very happy life for the mistress who got to meet her husband and have children later on. She might have felt satisfied that her husband treated her well and gave her everything that she deserved. The investigation might have taken longer and might have cost more money if it wasn’t for the Personal Bodyguard Services doing his job as assigned, which saved the Princess from a lifetime of misery.