What Is A Mechanical Operator Training Certificate?

The course provides an opportunity for nuclear power industry personnel to learn how to operate machines like the presses and lathes, milling machines, grinders and plasma cutters. The course includes a combination of theoretical teaching and practical application. It is expected of candidates to have prior experience in working with welding equipment, but not necessarily a full time apprenticeship or similar. It is designed for working personnel who wish to advance to experienced level holders with a certification to show current or future employers that they have the knowledge necessary for a position with the nuclear power industry.

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The programme consists of learning material that is both written and video based, as well as having periodic practice exams to assess your progress. Candidates wishing to progress through the course towards achieving a certificate will need to have completed a diploma in either electronics engineering or nuclear medicine technology with a relevant training centre. If you have a CGCSE or equivalents, you will need to successfully complete a competency based work study and then an exam, and then qualify for a mechanical operator training certificate.

You can complete your course at either a residential site or a fully accredited college, university or vocational school. The first part of the course is mainly theory based, where students will learn about safety, equipment usage and safe practices in the workplace. The second half of the course will involve gaining practical experience in working with working nuclear power plants and their equipment. A final exam at the end of the course will enable you to sit for a nuclear licence examination.