Tips For Your Electric Bike Battery

An electric bike has no gasoline to burn, so there is no need to add any oil to the engine or to keep it topped off. The only thing that needs maintenance is changing the battery every few months to prevent corrosion and keep the electric motor working properly. Typical batteries provide between 250 and 500 watt hours, which means that they put out more than 10 to twelve amps and about twenty volts. Throw on an extended circuit battery and you will reach up to sixty and thirty miles per charge, respectively. Older electric bikes used alkaline batteries, which are also the kind of batteries most often used to begin cars. With modern technology and design, though, they can use any kind of power source, including gas, to produce that power and can last for much longer before needing to be recharged.

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When you buy your electric bike battery, you will notice that there is a capacity reading on the product. This number indicates the maximum amount of current that the battery can handle while the charger is being used, so you should always buy a higher capacity battery than you intend to ride long distances on. If you don’t plan to go very far with your vehicle, then a lower performance battery can be fine, but if you plan on riding for any significant distance, go with the highest performance you can afford.

One important thing to know is that the performance of the electric bike battery does not vary much from model to model, and the amperes are similar all the way through, so the only variation that you might see is the higher amperes rating of one model to the next. The higher amperes rating goes all the way from five thousand volts up to ten thousand volts, and the higher the volts, the faster the charge and the quicker you’ll reach your destination. These higher amperes models will run the motor for longer periods of time before needing recharging. These chargers will usually come with a built in safety cut off feature, which cuts off the power if the charge reaches a certain point, so you will always be safe. Always use a charger that matches your power source, as otherwise you might not get the best performance out of it. Your charger will also tell you what capacity your battery is at and allow you to alter the settings to get the most out of your battery.