Servant leadership is an unconventional leadership philosophy

Servant leadership is an unconventional leadership philosophy where the primary objective of the leader is personally to serve. This is quite different from conventional leadership where the prime objective of the leader is the survival of his organization or company. Under such a leader, the first priority of the organization is served by serving the needs of its people. It is also from this Servant Leadership concept that we can understand the concept of team spirit and teamwork as they are the cornerstones of any successful enterprise.

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The concept of servant leadership can also be understood by looking at other work based organizations like the United Way, the Red Cross, and even the Boy Scouts. In these organizations, as well as the military, the motto of being a servant to your fellow man or woman and having a sense of obligation are some of the most basic principles that guide the way the leaders lead. However, since the purpose of leading is serving the needs of others, it becomes imperative to have leadership that is based on selflessness and doing what is best for the members without expecting anything in return. By leading them to achieve something, you can see how each one can contribute his or her own share to the success of the whole organization. The key to achieving this success is servant leadership based on an understanding of team spirit and teamwork.

The concept of servant leadership has gained immense popularity over the past few years. As organizations try to find ways to improve themselves in the modern business environment, the old ideas about being a “leverager” with no true direction will find increasingly less useful as business competition becomes fiercer. In many cases, the old adage of being a leader without a vision seems quaintly irrelevant. There comes a time when you realize that there has to be a better way.