Rollover Accident Lawyer

Following a rollover accident in Baltimore, Maryland, you will have virtually no time to pursue damages for your injuries from the accident. In Maryland, the minimum statute of limitations for minor car accident lawsuits is three years from the date of the incident. The clock starts to run from the moment you are involved in an accident. If you file within this three year period, the court automatically stops your lawsuit. The three-year period starts counting from the date of your injury. For example, if you have been injured on December 1st and you file a personal injury lawsuit on January 1st, the three-year statute of limitations starts to apply on January 1st, but does not begin to apply until March 1st.

Rollover accidents are relatively common in Maryland and across the country. According to statistics, more than 11 percent of vehicle accidents in Maryland involve rollovers. These accidents can occur for any number of reasons: someone moving into the road from a front or rear lane; a vehicle not being parked properly; or objects coming out from underneath a vehicle. The usual reason that rollover accidents happen is because one of two vehicles is not properly aligned or secured in place. This usually happens in multi-lane highways or major thoroughfares where multiple vehicles are traveling down the same path at the same time.

A rollover accident lawyer will help you if you’re involved in such a crash. This type of accident often involves only one vehicle and the driver of one vehicle is the person who is paying for the other person’s damages. The person who is responsible for paying for the damages in a case like this is called the “person who pays for the damages,” or OJ ER. An attorney representing you in a case like this is called a “plaintiff.” An attorney representing the other party in the case, called the “defendant” is called the “pleasure party.”

If you have been involved in such a crash, it is important to consult with the Maryland rollover accident lawyers as soon as possible to figure out whether or not your vehicle is safe to drive anymore. Many of these accidents occur when vehicles are poorly maintained. When a vehicle is poorly maintained, parts can easily break off or wear out. The parts involved in these accidents can be small and expensive. This type of accident attorney will be able to help you with seeking damages for these parts and for the vehicle itself.

In some cases, rollover accident lawyers will also help victims of these types of crashes seek damages for the damage caused to the victims’ vehicle by the impact of the vehicle on their tires. This happens when the tires on a vehicle don’t have the proper tread depth or air pressure. This means that they won’t have the right amount of traction when they are driven over. These lawyers will be able to make sure that the victim is properly compensated for this damage.

rollover accident lawyer

It is very common for people who are involved in these kinds of accidents to suffer either minor injuries or even be rendered disabled. Victims may sustain whiplash injuries from being thrown through the windshield or being hit on the back of the head. They may also suffer back or leg pain, dizziness, and ringing in the ears. Other victims may be rendered unable to drive because of the serious damage to their cars. If you have been injured in one of these rollover accident cases, you will need the services of a qualified Maryland lawyer to represent you in court.