Making Salads Is Easy!

A salad is a food consisting of assorted mixed assorted pieces of food, usually with at least one crunchy natural ingredient, usually vegetables or fruits. Usually they are served cold or at room temperature, although some may be served warm and are often garnished with a light dressing. Salads can be made from fresh or canned fruits and vegetables, though may also be made from combinations of these components, or even from leftovers of other foods.

Salads are commonly served at public establishments such as eateries and hotels but are increasingly making appearances at homes, thanks to the healthy lifestyles of people. At home, the most common salad is the salad with a dip, most commonly a fruit salad. These are typically made by mixing four to five different types of fruit (determined by what is available at the time) in a blender, along with a small amount of mayonnaise, a quarter teaspoon of lemon juice, and a few crackers. One spice or type of herb may be added, such as Cayenne or red pepper flakes. Cayenne pepper is especially good if the salad will be consumed cold; a little heat helps to preserve the flavor.


Salads can also be made without using any actual fruit, though this is more of a rare thing. Some examples include tuna salad, which is just an assortment of tuna strips with no additional ingredients; grilled shrimp with cream and pita chips, a Caesar salad, which uses only half of the reduced cream cheese that usually goes with it; macaroni and cheese with pita chips, ham and cheese pasta salad, which are basically macaroni and cheese on a whole wheat cracker with pita chips as the base.

Salads can be made even more healthy by substituting the mayonnaise for sour cream or yogurt, which have been shown to have a reduced calorie count when used in place of regular milk and cream, respectively. These substitutions help to make a healthier salad, since you are not adding unhealthy fats to your meal. Using low fat mayonnaise, reduced fat cheese, and pita chips makes a delicious and easy salad that your guests will love.