If you’re looking to shed some pounds quickly choose a plan and stick

The majority of people who go through my articles and e-books are aware of me as a scientist person who is known for his ability to quote research and apply it to everyday problems like bodybuilding, weight loss and many other fitness-related topics. Sometimes, you need to get away from the scientific approach and focus on the bigger perspective to bring people back to the present and discern the forest from the trees, in a way.

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For the majority of people who read this article, finding a diet that works all the time is more complicated than nuclear Physics. There are an array of alternatives to diets that are available. No fat or high fat? No carbohydrate or high carbohydrate? Protein levels are low or high? And to make things even more confusing there are many variations and combinations of the diet options above that add confusion. It’s overwhelming and leads many to throw up the towel in anger and quit. In this piece, I’ll try to make a difference.

There are general guidelines, general rules and approaches to evaluating the diet plan which will help you determine, once and for all, if this is the right one for you. It is possible that you don’t always agree with the things I’ve said however, it is best not to be under any doubt that this isn’t a quick solution, “lose 100 lbs. in just 20 days” guide of any kind. But, if you’re exhausted and lost, frustrated with losing weight and then putting the weight back in, and of pondering the first step to determine what is the ideal diet that will bring about the loss of weight permanently and a healthier lifestyle, then this is the article that can alter how you feel about yourself…

Does your diet meet “The Testing”?

What is the most common reason why diets fail over time and above all other reasons? The most common reason is…drum roll…a absence of long-term compliance. The data is clear and the majority of people who shed weight will gain it back and, often, exceed the amount they shed. You already knew that, didn’t you?

What is your strategy to avoid it? Another factual point almost any diet that adheres to the fundamental idea that you are “burning” additional calories than consumption – using the widely known “calories are calories in, out” concept can result in weight loss. In a certain degree they all are effective: Atkins-style, low diets with carbs, low-fat excessive carbohydrate diets and all kinds of diets that are popular – it doesn’t matter in the short-term.

If you’re looking to shed some pounds quickly choose a plan and stick to the plan. I can assure you that you will shed some pounds. Research suggests that any of the diets for weight loss that are available will yield similar amounts of fat loss in the course of 6 months or one year. For instance, a recent study concluded that it was the Atkins’ Diet, Slim-Fast program, Weight Watchers Pure Points program as well as Rosamary Conley’s Eat Yourself Slim diet, were equally effective. (1)

Other studies that compare other popular diets have reached basically the same conclusion. For instance, a research study that looked at the Atkins diet with the Ornish diet and Weight Watchers along with The Zone Diet, found that they are basically identical in their capacity to shed weight within a year. (2)

Do you remember what I mentioned about the top reason why diets fail, and that is not adherence. The researcher who led this study recently stated:

“Our study found that the degree of adherence rather than food type was the most important indicator of weight loss”(3)

Translated into English, it’s not about the diet they choose in and of itself, but rather the ability to adhere to a diet plan to achieve weight reduction results. I can see the hands rising at the moment, “but Will, some diets are better than other ones, don’t you think?” Are certain diets better than other diets? Absolutely. Certain diets are better than other ones, certain diets are better at maintaining the body’s lean mass, and some diets have a better ability to curb appetite. There are many variations between different diets. While the majority of popular diets are effective in dropping weight however, the most obvious thing is that sticking to the prescribed diet is the most essential factor to maintain the weight loss in the long run.

How do you define a diet?

Diets are a temporary approach to lose weight. Long-term weight loss is the outcome of a change of lifestyle. We’re concerned about long weight loss, not just quick fixes to lose weight here. I am not a fan of the diet as it suggests an effort to shed weight, vs. an alteration in the way of life. Do you want to lose a significant amount of pounds in a short time? Well, I’ll provide you with the details on how you can do it right now and at no cost.

In the next 90-120 days, eat 12 scrambled eggs whites, a whole grapefruit and a gallon water every day for two hours. You’ll lose a lot of weight. Is it healthy? Nope. Do you think the weight will be maintained once you’re finished with the diet and then have to return with your “normal” style of eating? Not a chance. What percentage of weight you shed result from fat or could it be water, muscle bone, water, and (hopefully!) some fat? It’s important to note that there are a variety of diets available that are capable of helping you lose weight however, when you are considering any diet plan that is designed to reduce weight, consider:

“Is this a method of eating that I could follow for a long time?”

That is why I am taking my test. I’m calling it the “Can I live this way for the duration of my existence?” Test. It’s true, it’s not exactly flow through your mouth, but it is effective in getting the message across.

The takeaway here is that the diet you choose to shed weight must be part of a daily change that you’ll be capable of following in some form or another – for the rest of time. In other words, if it’s not a method of eating that you will be able to follow for a long time and even after you’ve got close to your goal weight and beyond, then it’s not worth your time.

So, many of the fad diets that you can find can be eliminated immediately, so you do not have to be concerned about them. It’s not about whether the diet works in the short-term but whether the plan is able to be maintained for a long time for a lifetime of eating. Moving from “their” method of eating to “your” method of eating once you have reached the weight you want to be at is an unintentional recipe for disaster, and the root of the well-known yo-yo dieting syndrome. In the end, there are no shortcuts and there’s no free lunch and only the commitment to a lifestyle change will help you keep your weight off in the in the long run. I know that’s not what the majority of people want to know, but it’s actually the truth, and it’s true whether you like it or not.

The numbers aren’t lying and getting rid of the excess weight isn’t the most difficult aspect, but keeping the weight off is! Take a closer review of the numerous popular commercial and fad diets in the market, and you’re honest with yourself and you apply my test above, you’ll find that the majority of them do not seem to be as appealing like they did in the past. This brings me to an example that provides additional clarity: If you’ve got diet A which will result in the most weight loss over the shortest time, but is not balanced and almost impossible to maintain long-term, compare it to. diet B which takes the weight off in a slower manner and is also easier to adhere to, balanced, healthy and something that you are able to follow every year, which one is better? If diet A takes 30 pounds off you in just 30 days, but the next year, you’ve gained back all 30 pounds and diet B takes 20 lbs off of you over the next three months and an additional 20 lbs in 3 months later, and you lose weight at the end of the year Which is the more effective diet?

If you’re unable to find the answer to these questions, then you’ve misread the purpose of this article as well as what it’s trying impart, and you are set for failure. Read this article again…By default eating diet B is better than diet A.

Teach a man to fish…

A well-known Chinese Proverb says – Give the man a fish, and you’ll give him food for the day. Train a person to fish and you’ll feed him for the rest of his life.

This phrase is perfect for the next crucial step to determine which diet plan to be following to lose weight for good. Does the diet that you’re contemplating teach you to eat for the long term, or give you information in a spoon? The diet will be dependent on specific shakes, bars, or ready-made meals they offer?

Let’s make another diet A comparison. Diet A vs. the diet B contrast. Diet A is going to provide you with their food along with their unique drink or bar to eat, and will tell exactly when you should take the food items. It is possible to lose 30 pounds in just two months. Diet B will try to teach you what foods to eat and how many calories you must eat and why you should consume them, and in general try to teach how to eat as a part of a comprehensive lifestyle change that will enable you to make educated decisions regarding your diet. Diet B results in a slow but steady loss of weight of between 8-10 pounds every month for the next six months. the weight will stay off since you are now able to eat well.