How to Regrow Kitchen and Bathroom Tile Grout

If your bathroom tile has gotten stained, chipped or dulled you can now easily repair them yourself with Regrouting Tiles! They are a relatively inexpensive solution for people who are not comfortable doing major remodeling projects themselves, or DIYers who just don’t have the time. You can even use these tiles on the floor as well. This is a fairly easy do-it-yourself project. Here’s what you need:

How to regrout Tiles: what you need for this project are the following: a clean floor, a cup of vinegar (just enough to make a thick paste), a scrubbing sponge and a wire brush. Before you begin ragging out the grout, wear your protective glasses, eye protection, gloves and a dust mask. If you’re working in a kitchen floor tile, lay down a layer of white vinegar on the tiles to help prevent staining. Top tip: if you’re doing a bathroom tile, lay down a layer of dish washing liquid on the bottom of the basin and scrub the tiles thoroughly with a wire brush before ragging out the tiles.

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Another quick note: don’t use acidic cleaners to clean your regrouting tiles. Acidic cleaners can etch the tile grout and cause it to break down over time, which makes re-tiling more difficult. For acidic stains, use lemon juice and vinegar cleaning solution or regular household bleach to clean the stained areas. Don’t use harsh abrasives to clean the tile grout either, as that will also etch the grout. Lastly, rinse the area with warm water to get the acidic cleaner off the walls and then dry with a paper towel.