Difference Between Residential Treatment and Inpatient Rehabilitation

Drug rehabilitation is basically the psychotherapeutical treatment given to drug addicts to recover from substance abuse. It assists the patient to successfully discard substance abuse and mental disorder abuse. In fact, drug rehabilitation is considered as the main weapon in the battle against substance abuse. Numerous studies have proved that drug rehabilitation not only helps to remove the drug dependency from the addict’s life but it also helps him to live a drug-free life. Moreover, there are many other health benefits which drug rehabilitation can provide to the drug abusers.

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The need for drug rehab in today’s time is most evident among the youth. In fact, substance abuse is rising among the young people. With the increase in the rate of addiction, the youth are also facing trouble in getting rid of their addiction as well. Substance abuse causes different types of diseases and one of them is AIDS.

In general, the recovery from AIDS is very challenging and lengthy process. It takes so much support from the medical fraternity and it requires an effective combination of drugs and behavior therapies for successful treatment. There are various ways by which one can receive rehabilitation for his illicit substances addiction. These include inpatient rehabilitation where the patient has to stay at the rehabilitation center for undergoing various treatment options. Outpatient mode of rehabilitation mostly uses the services of various rehabilitation agencies that offer personalized rehabilitation program for each client.

Inpatient drug rehab centers provide complete curative care and therapeutic solutions. Here, doctors, therapists, social workers and counselors guide the addicts through inpatient recovery programs. However, several addiction treatment options are available for outpatient basis.

Therefore, before selecting any treatment option, it is very important to carefully look for various factors like success rate, cost effectiveness, treatment procedures and the age of the addict. Once you have properly zeroed on a drug rehab program, then you should also take the age of the addict into consideration. If you want to speed up the success rate, then you can opt for inpatient treatment wherein the recovery period can be prolonged. This can help you in achieving the desired results and can help in eliminating most of the withdrawal symptoms.

Generally, in outpatient drug rehab programs, the treatment lasts for three months. Patients do not require inpatient care if they get the required support through outpatient programs. The outpatient programs are helpful in achieving quicker results and help in lessening the withdrawal symptoms. If the treatment duration for inpatient care is more than three months, there are chances that the person might develop severe addiction issues and might suffer from extreme withdrawal symptoms when the treatment is stopped abruptly. On the other hand, in some cases, the treatment period can be prolonged and it can even involve full-time inpatient care.

The inpatient treatment provides complete curative care and effective treatment for substance abuse disorders. However, many people have a misconception that inpatient rehab is always better than outpatient care. Although there are many people who have benefited from inpatient treatment, there are many people who were able to benefit from outpatient care but could not continue with the treatment because of some specific circumstances. In such cases, if a person is lucky enough to find a good inpatient rehab facility, he might be able to stop using drugs successfully.

Many people are not aware of the fact that a person can benefit from both types of treatment. In fact, many people are unaware of the fact that residential treatment is considered to be more effective than the outpatient therapy. Many people prefer inpatient therapy when they are suffering from serious addiction issues. However, if you are looking forward to using drugs on a short-term basis, you can opt for outpatient treatment, which can help you stop using drugs without experiencing serious side effects.