Carpet cleaning is done to remove dirt, stains, and pet allergens

Carpet cleaning is done to remove dirt, stains, and pet allergens from carpet fibers. There are many methods for cleaning carpets including hot water extraction, shampooing, dry cleaning, and steam cleaning. Hot water extraction method is the common method used in residential and commercial areas. It includes extraction of water from the carpet by using a chemical process called deodorizing.

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Deodorizing involves applying an organic solvent or detergent to carpet and removing the solvent or detergent from the carpet pile. The residue left after cleaning the carpets includes dust, soil, debris, grease, pet odor, mold spores, dirt and stain particles, algae, fungi, molds, pollen, tar, and mold spores. Professional cleaners generally apply deodorizers that are safe for carpets and walls to maintain carpet condition and extend its life.

Another form of carpet cleaning called deep cleaning involves removal of medium to deep levels of dirt and debris from the carpets using powerful vacuum and water extraction machines. This method has higher cost than shampooing because it needs to be done frequently. It also requires professional machines that can handle large volume of dirt and debris. It is mostly used when there is an accumulation of dust and debris on the carpet floor. Deep cleaning of carpets is a necessary procedure to prevent them from being damaged and worn out more quickly.

Some carpets may not be cleaned thoroughly enough to remove all the dirt and debris on them. This is where a professional carpet cleaning company comes into the picture. The carpets are carefully cleaned using specialized equipment and techniques that remove the dust, soil, debris, stains, grease, soil, pet odor, molds, fungus, pollen, tar, algae, fungi, molds, pollen, tar, and mold spores from the carpets, rugs, upholstery, wall paper, padding, cushions, bedding, floor covering, furnishings, upholstery, wall cladding, rugs, wallpapers, wallpaper borders, drapes, and fabrics. All these things need to be removed in order to ensure the carpet cleaning process will be effective. Professional carpet cleaning companies usually use a combination of extraction and heat cleaning technique to effectively clean your carpets and rugs.

When you hire the services of a carpet cleaning company, they will first evaluate the condition of the carpets and rugs. Then, they extract all the dirt and debris using extraction machines and remove it from the carpet fibers using water. The residue left behind is then removed using powerful vacuum extraction units. The most often used machine is the truck mount system that allows extraction to take place in all direction directions. Water is pumped to the carpet fibers through a drain hose.

Bonnet cleaning uses high temperature and high pressure to thoroughly clean your carpet fibers and rugs. High heat steam is directed on the carpet fibers to melt the soil particles that have collected deep within the fibers. This technique is also known as bonnet cleaning. High pressure steam is released from the truck mounting unit while the unit is placed inside the room to penetrate the carpet and rugs deep into the pile. This technique also allows the extraction of stubborn dirt and soil particles.