An Introduction to servant Leadership

Servant leadership is basically a leadership philosophy where the primary objective of the leader is to genuinely serve the needs of the team. This is quite different from conventional leadership in which the leader’s primary focus is either the survival of the organization or the flourishing of the business. Whereas, with servant leadership the prime motive is serving and uplifting the team. A leader should have excellent communication skills and should be able to lead by example. He/she should have a clear picture of what it is that the team members want and have a clear idea on how to go about achieving this.

characteristics of servant leadership infographic

The concept of servant leadership was broached by Great organizations such as Walmart. A Walmart associate had the vision of creating a company that would sell merchandise ranging from breakfast cereal to toothpaste. However, owing to the fact that there were several other competitors, Walmart recognized that its associates were much more knowledgeable and productive than any group of salesmen. With the help of this leadership concept, the associates of Walmart strived to become experts in various facets of the company and strove to make the company grow and develop. The associates of Walmart realized that by putting great leaders in charge of the organization, their vision and mission would be made a reality.

In the above cited article, we found an introduction to the concept of servant leadership. We also saw how the concept evolved and developed in the field of business. Lastly, we saw how this concept is vital in today’s business environment. Nowadays, many companies strive to hire exemplary leaders who are able to rise to the challenges of the times. In order to succeed, these companies look for individuals who have a clear understanding of what is required of them and are inspired by the same to achieve success. Read more articles on servant leadership and become inspired to achieve more!